Become a Leader in School Improvement

It is easy for educators to become discouraged. Sometimes, the problems students face seem overwhelming, and there may be little you can do to help. However, pursuing a Master of Arts in Education and Educational Administration can offer you valuable skills in school improvement that can significantly improve students’ lives. Through the CSUSM online degree program, you can develop expertise in school administration, managing and maximizing operational budgets and creating progressive learning environments.

What Is School Improvement?

Becoming an effective administrator and creating systemic change is not an easy task. School improvement can cover a wide range of areas. From identifying faculty weaknesses and improving staffing to managing endowments and donors, this is a broad but essential area of the institution’s overall success.

Through graduate-level courses like “Leading School Improvement,” you can learn to conduct research, analyze data and interpret the results to develop an effective path forward. You may learn how to identify opportunities to promote and improve the school. In addition, you may gain valuable leadership skills, such as how to manage staff and faculty.

Your course of study can vary depending on your particular interests; you may cover building a culture of inclusion and diversity, understanding social inequality and its impact on student performance, applying institutional theories and developing core curricula. Graduates from a Master of Arts in Education in Educational Administration program have the knowledge and expertise to refocus schools on academically rigorous standards, holistic learning and social responsibility.

Why Is a Master’s Degree Valuable?

While your district may not require teachers to earn master’s degrees, a bachelor’s degree alone may not be enough to help you reach your career goals. A master’s program in education can help you improve as an educator, and it can prepare you for future opportunities. Whether you want to become an administrator or principal or take on a leadership position within the school district, a master’s degree is often necessary to advance beyond the classroom.

A comprehensive program can give you the mix of theoretical and practical knowledge you need to succeed in your career. You will learn how to manage the needs of different groups in your educational community, including students, faculty, board members and parents. You can develop the foundational skills you need to become an efficient and respected leader.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Degree?

Completing an online degree typically depends on students’ schedules and pre-existing obligations. Students who can handle a full course load can complete a Master of Arts and Educational Administration in as few as 12 months. However, earning this degree in one year isn’t possible for everyone, some students may need more time due to other personal obligations. An online degree program allows you to tailor your time and attendance to a schedule that makes sense for you.

If you are looking to pursue a leadership role in school improvement, a master’s degree can give you a competitive advantage. By specializing in this complex area of study, you can prepare to assume leadership roles that bring about significant and lasting change.

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