Job Opportunities for Teachers With a Master’s Degree in Literacy

The definition of literacy in the education field has expanded to include highly specialized skills. Teachers looking for jobs in literacy will find that a master’s degree in literacy offers them a competitive edge in the job market; the degree also opens doors to different positions in the field. After earning the degree, many educators receive job offers that range from teaching technology literacy to specializing in reading disorders. Looking for your next job in literacy can be an adventure in uncovering your favorite new aspect of literacy instruction.

Multitasking Literacy Jobs

Do you enjoy balancing many different tasks at once? If so, working as a reading specialist may be the job for you. A reading specialist assesses individual students and identifies the best literacy learning path for each one. This means that no two days will be the same. As a reading specialist, you may work in a classroom to help students understand their teachers’ expectations, or you may meet students one-on-one or in small groups to teach phonics skills. Reading specialists work exciting, fast-paced school days, perfect for high-energy professionals good at balancing details.

Jobs Teaching Teachers

Becoming a literacy coach can be very rewarding for teachers who want to make a difference in whole school literacy. As a literacy coach, you might work with teachers to tailor literacy instruction strategies, or you might work with students in the classroom while teachers observe and learn from your approach. Teachers and students will both benefit from your expertise.

A literacy coach is part administrator and part teacher. The position requires learning how to read data and make decisions based on test results. Educators in this position must also manage their time very carefully to meet the coaching needs that arise every day. A principal relies on the literacy coach as a barometer of the school’s literacy learning.

Specializing in Literacy in the Classroom

Some classroom teachers earn a master’s degree in literacy to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners. There are so many new strategies for helping struggling students, resulting in different jobs in literacy. However, teachers are taking advantage of advanced degrees in literacy instruction to improve their classrooms. These teachers love the cozy intimacy of a year-long whole classroom experience. In schools that struggle with literacy learning, these teachers can be particularly valuable.

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