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The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the need for qualified registered nurses will increase by 16 percent over the next decade. Registered nurses offer vital healthcare services to improve overall health and well-being. RN to BSN online programs deliver educational training needed by offering courses that can fit into one’s hectic and busy schedule. The educational curriculum for RN to BSN online programs foster leadership skills and enhance professional development and cultural diversity and awareness through classes that use an internet-based format. Students who earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through an RN to BSN online program are able to transition into a flexible higher education program that works around their schedule.

Online educational programs are increasing in popularity due in part to advancements made in technology. These programs have also seen substantial growth because of the need to deliver affordable educational courses to a growing workforce. More than 600 schools offer an RN to BSN program. RN to BSN online programs have experienced a 22 percent increase in enrollment and more than 10,000 students were enrolled in them in 2012. The goal of RN to BSN online programs is to prepare future nurses in leaderships roles in healthcare while bridging previous work experience and educational needs to advance in a career in nursing. Online programs allow students to complete both their nursing requirements and most non-nursing coursework outside of the traditional on-campus classroom setting. These programs use evidence-based learning strategies such as interactive presentations, podcasts and digital formats to ensure educational materials and student assessments are done in a timely manner.

RN to BSN online program requirements

Those interested in starting an RN to BSN online program should locate a program of interest and become familiar with the program degree requirements along with the admission criteria. The general requirements for an RN to BSN online programs include the program application, an application fee, a minimum GPA of 2.0 and at least 60 transferable education units. In addition, students must have an associate degree or diploma in nursing from an accredited institution and an unencumbered registered nurse license.

Benefits of getting a bachelor’s degree

The American Association of Colleges and Nurses notes that patients of nurses who earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing have better outcomes and higher levels of satisfaction in their care. Patients also reported shorter stays in the hospital and fewer negative health outcomes. Students who complete a baccalaureate program will receive educational training on evidence-based practice that can improve their clinical practice. Those who complete an RN to BSN online program qualify for more career opportunities in multiple healthcare settings that can generate higher salaries.

Programs that offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree through RN to BSN online programs strive to fulfill the need for qualified nursing professionals, who, in turn, provide better patient care and can improve healthcare as a whole.

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