Prep questions for nursing interviews

Earning a nursing degree is the first step to landing that dream job at your first-choice hospital. The second step is standing out during the interview to help your prospective hiring manager narrow down the shortlist to just your name. Here are some common nursing interview questions, along with guidance on how to give stellar answers.

Homework questions

  • What do you know about our hospital?
  • Why did you apply for this position?
  • What are some things that attracted you to your specialty in nursing?

These nursing interview questions are often referred to as homework questions because they are asked to check how much background research you performed prior to the interview. Being able to give a thorough answer tells the interviewer that you took the initiative to understand everything there is to know about the company, position and kind of work that you will be doing. In essence, you want to go into the interview with a good understanding of your place in the organization. In addition, if there is something left unclear in the job posting, the interview is a great opportunity to seek clarification.

Continuing education questions

  • Have you attended in any conferences?
  • Are you part of any nursing organizations or associations?
  • What nursing journals do you subscribe to?

Nurses hoping to stay at the forefront of their careers must engage in life-long learning. Interviewers are looking to see if you keep up with the latest information in your field. If you are a part of an organization, nursing interview questions may query about your role and responsibilities. Attending regular conferences that share breakthroughs in your specialty or subscribing to a journal are great ways to stay up to date. Another great answer would be to highlight your attendance in any continuing education classes.

Employability questions

Finally, your interviewer will ask you a broad set of questions to help them determine how employable you are.

  • What are your salary requirements?
  • Where you see yourself after a certain number of years?
  • Why are you leaving your previous job?
  • How do you resolve disputes?

Other questions include asking you to demonstrate your ability to be a team player. Hiring managers are looking for balance, someone who is able to resolve most problems, but has the awareness to know when to go up the ladder for assistance. When responding, always seek a positive outlook.

An interview is an opportunity for the hiring manager to determine whether you are a good fit for the organization. It is important to portray confidence and poise, attributes best conveyed through body language and articulate answers with minimal hesitation. Practice with friends before interview day and you will be ready to land the position.

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