Resume Tips for Nurses

Whether you are an LPN, RN, NP or DNP, your resume must sell your achievements, duties and nursing education to prospective employers. Your resume should convey your dedication to patients and their families. Knowing which resume format best showcases your nursing credentials can be the edge you need to secure an interview.

How to Frame Your Resume to Match Job Ads

The best nursing resume paints a picture so prospective employers can “see” how you will add value and solve problems. Look at the nursing job descriptions that you’re interested in and tweak your resume to fit what the employer wants. If they are looking for a strong communicator and leader, and those are some of your strengths, be sure to provide examples and details of how you fit that type of role.

To help secure an interview, include the following on your resume:

  • Your awards, honors or other forms of professional recognition
  • Detailed achievements that secured awards or honors
  • Descriptions of previous employment units
  • Reports on previous facilities and numbers of beds
  • Detailed computer and technology experience
  • Availability
  • License and certification information
  • Nursing education
  • Professional affiliations

Details Make the Difference

Avoid the trap of only listing your duties. Instead of saying “provided patient care,” highlight the steps you took, such as “administered pain medication for back surgery patients.” Examine the posted job description and describe how your experience complements the employer’s needs. Ensure you tailor your resume to a specific job description rather than a generic template.

Back in School for Better Job Opportunities

If you are enrolled in an degree program, such as an RN to BSN online program, be sure to update your nursing resume with this information. Employers will know you are serious about providing the best care to patients because you are investing in your nursing education. Healthcare employers are looking for you, so make sure your nursing resume stands out.

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